Part of the school's success relies on a commitment of 65 volunteer hours annually from each family in the DCS community. There are a number of ways in which our families can meet this commitment during school time, outside of school time, weekly, in a big block once-a-year, a few hours a season, ongoing, flexible... we have options!

Note that Volunteering within the school and on learning journeys requires LWSD Volunteer Approved status. The approval application process is outlined here: LWSD Volunteer Application Process. Volunteer approval is valid for two years so reapplying every two years is required to keep current on approved volunteer status.

To record volunteer hours, select the "Record Hours" main menu navigation item.


Community Meetings

Attend our community meetings, held about once-a-month on Thursday evenings during the school year. It is important for as many of our community members to attend as possible. Usually 1.5 to 2 hours per meeting. Attendees can claim 2 hours even if the meeting runs shorter -- you put aside 2 hours to attend so we feel it is fair to claim the whole 2 hours.

Check our calendar for meeting dates and times. 

Steering Committee Meetings

It is mandatory for DCS Board and Committee members to attend Steering Committee meetings, held about once-a-month in the evening. All other current student families are welcome to attend. Usually 2 hours per meeting.

Check our calendar for meeting dates and times. 

Community Group Official Roles

Official roles are positions that are legally required for our PTO as well as lead organizers for events.

The roles include: Chair, secretary, treasurer, community building, community outreach, communication, event organizers, Friday Specials organizers, herbicide-free lead, room reps, and more.

Many of these roles can be shared. The time commitment varies.

Find out more about volunteer roles.


Weekly parent volunteers in the classroom (can be shared), Teacher's admin duties (at school or at home), classroom party support.

Classroom volunteers must be LWSD approved volunteers. Many of these roles can be shared. The time commitment varies.

Learning Journeys

Most Learning Journeys are field trips; some using volunteer drivers and chaperones.

Drivers and chaperones must be approved LWSD volunteers. Drivers must also meet vehicle and insurance requirements.

These are held during the school day, usually 3 or 4 times during the school year. The time commitment varies.

Friday Specials

In addition to official organizer roles, volunteers are needed to lead tracks (usually 4 tracks per season), or to provide support in the tracks.

These volunteers must be LWSD approved volunteers.

The Friday Specials tracks are held before school ends on 3 or 4 Fridays in each season for about 1 hour with the students plus prep and cleanup time.

 Herbicide-free Grounds

In addition to the official lead role, volunteers are needed to help keep our school grounds herbicide-free. Join in on weeding and mulching our DCS-adopted plots and others.

The time commitment is as many hours as you would like to put into it.

Homework correction Time spent correcting your student's homework (if any) counts towards your volunteer hours.
DCS & Sandburg's PTSA Our PTSA includes both schools, with DCS students participating and benefiting from the events organized and supported by the PTSA. Attending PTSA meetings, volunteering for PTSA roles and events are counted towards your hours. See the Sandburg & DCS PTSA website for opportunities.